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SoulBeat ONLINE VIP 2 day

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VIP Access to activate the beat of your soul with Regan and JuanPa in a brand new, unique and fully immersive LIVE, Online 2024 Event, over two powerful, transformational days. Broadcast LIVE from The Nest, Costa Rica.

This VIP experience offers all of the access of a General Admission Ticket PLUS! Access to the exclusive digital V.I.P. lounge portal, a LIVE Q&A coaching session with Regan & JuanPa. And, a private Laser Coaching Session or Quantum Flow Session with a SoulBeat Personal Success Coach or Quantum Flow Coach.

SoulBeat ONLINE VIP 2 day

SoulBeat LIVE, Online And From A V.I.P’s Perspective!

Experience the SoulBeat LIVE 2-day event from the privacy of the premier, SoulBeat LIVE, V.I.P Lounge.

Intensify your involvement and immerse yourself in an ultra-specially curated event with other like-minded SoulBeat-ians. For a completely exclusive event with elite, extra add-ons and individually curated program content, engage with the SoulBeat LIVE V.I.P experience.

The power for your transformational change is waiting for you within the SoulBeat LIVE weekend.

Day One - Anchoring your soul aligned-vision

Day Two - Quantum leaping into your future

The next SoulBeat LIVE, Online immersion event will be held at The Nest Costa Rica in 2024.

In addition to experiencing and learning the keys to empowering yourself all from the comfort of your own space with SoulBeat LIVE and Online from The Nest Costa Rica…..

You can now intensify and magnify your SoulBeat LIVE 2-Day immersion with the V.I.P upgrade!

The SoulBeat LIVE V.I.P experience includes:

  • Access to all of the trainings in the General Access portal, A SoulBeat LiVE! Online Ticket Includes all of these insights and all of this individual value:

    Abundance Activation – $997

    Inner Gifts Embodiment Practice – $997

    Life Purpose Activation – $1297

    Inner Genius Activation – $997

    Amplify Your Intuition Process – $997

    Manifestation Accelerator – $1997

    Timeline Acceleration Meditation – $497

    Blindspot Blaster – $777

    Clearing and releasing protocol – $497

  • Access to the exclusive V.I.P. lounge.
    Relax and enjoy the premium SoulBeat LIVE immersion from the privacy of an exclusive, digital lounge portal. An opportunity to meet like-minded attendees, network and form mutual bonds.  

    Access to the LIVE recordings with your General Access Ticket

    Plus! A LIVE Q&A coaching session with Regan & JuanPa.

    And, a private Laser Coaching Session or Quantum Flow Session with a SoulBeat Personal Success Coach or Quantum Flow Coach.

Relax in the privacy and exclusivity of the V.I.P Lounge, enjoy exclusive upgrades and immerse yourself in a completely indulgent SoulBeat LIVE 2-Day uplevelling transformation from a V.I.P’s perspective!

A unique opportunity to learn the steps to uplevel and transform your life and amplify your experience with SoulBeat LIVE and Online 2024 V.I.P Ticket.

Don’t miss out on experiencing this life-affirming, transformational Regan and JuanPa SoulBeat LIVE 2024 event! 

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Please note: Tickets for the exclusive V.I.P experience are strictly limited, exclusive to the purchaser and sell out fast!


If I can’t attend and have purchased a ticket, is there a refund?

Unfortunately, there is no refund for changes of mind or circumstances. Please read the T’s & C’s and privacy terms carefully prior to your purchase HERE

How do I work out the time zone difference?

Costa Rica is in the Central Standard Time Zone, Costa Rica = (GMT -6) Simply calculate  your GMT and minus 6. Or check out this site – for reference times.

I have a few remaining questions that I need to speak to someone about, what is the best way to contact someone to speak with?

You can reach our support at: and arrange to speak with a team member there.