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Activating Abundance Course

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Activate abundance in all areas of your life. Work with Regan and JuanPa, to unravel the mysteries surrounding the activation of personal abundance, in regards to health, mindset, emotions, relationships, passion, wealth, purpose, spirituality and contribution. 

A deep level immersion for activating the 52 abundance codes channelled specifically for this life-altering course. Featuring 11 powerful modules combining video tutorials and activations for access to the most effective, progressive and proven manifestation techniques for cutting edge success strategies.

Activating Abundance Course

Elevate and amplify every aspect of your life — catapult yourself to unprecedented heights of abundance!

Have you always been told to “Do the hard work and the rewards will come…”? But it’s not materialising, no matter how many hours you graft?

Are you swapping time for money and just barely keeping up with your obligations? Waiting for that big career breakthrough? The big win? Some ease in your situation?

Do you even realise that true abundance isn’t just about money?

It’s time to understand the mechanics of abundance. True abundance is actually about expansion in each and every area of your life. It’s about unlocking abundance holistically and aligning and expanding your relationships, your money psyche, your career and your life purpose.

With the Activating Abundance Online Program, over 52-days, Regan and JuanPa unravel the mystique around health, mindset, emotions, relationships, passion, wealth, purpose, spirituality and contribution, activating the 52 abundance codes that they channelled specifically for this life-altering course.

True abundance comes when you’re real enough with yourself to recognise your core struggles so you can heal and grow from a place of authenticity, trust and alignment.

Activating Abundance Online is a 52-day immersion, guided by Regan and JuanPa, to educate and train you to rewire your subconscious, uncover your particular gifts and for you to immerse yourself in the journey of uncovering your own abundance. 

This proven, effective program provides an entree into the most productive, progressive and proven manifestation techniques, spiritual principles and success strategies available right now.

With Activating Abundance Online, you can create a life that’s authentic and brimming with deep, loving relationships, purpose, good health and being financially rewarded for work that is completely aligned to your passions.

What Will You Learn?

  • The Activating Abundance 52-Day Online Immersion is a powerful program for the manifestation of abundance as taught by Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona. Divided into 4 Parts, Activating Abundance includes 11 specific Modules over this 52 Day period of awakening and illumination.

  • Part 1

    Introduction and explanation of terminology and associated concepts.

  • Part 2

    A walk through each of the 52 abundance codes via 52 individual videos that cover health, mindset, emotions, relationships, passion, wealth, purpose, spirituality and contribution.

  • Part 3

    Activating Abundance has been intentionally created to give you access to the most effective, progressive and proven manifestation techniques, spiritual principles, and success strategies available right now.

  • Part 4

    Get lifetime access to 52 videos sent instantly to you via email or the app so you can start manifesting abundance right away. And since the course will be available to you forever, you can also choose to take your time as you follow the journey at your own pace and in your own safe surroundings.

  • Module 1: Welcome

    Regan and JuanPa welcome you into the deep vortex that is Activating Abundance.

  • Module 2: Health

    Get into your body, expand into self love and activate daily health with these 6 powerful module two videos.

  • Module 3: Mindset

    Six video training sessions with Regan and JuanPa that will expand your consciousness, overcome internal limitations, rewire your mindset and realign your belief system.

  • Module 4: Emotions

    Dive deep into your emotional ecosystem with these 6 powerful video training sessions. You’ll learn to separate from your emotional body, to understand the emotions, transform energy into emotion and so much more.

  • Module 5: Relationships

    Who do you want to attract? These 6 video training sessions unpeel the layers of relationships so you can release toxicity, activate your heart centre and call in the relationship of your dreams.

  • Module 6: Passion

    Explore the role of passion and how it impacts your manifestations by learning how to burn the critic, heal your inner child, release your deepest desires and become a passion intensifier.

  • Module 7: Wealth

    Step into a new wealth paradigm with the powerful tools and techniques gifted to you in these 6 video training sessions. All designed to make you re-evaluate your ideas around wealth and money, that will drastically shift after this module!

  • Module 8: Purpose

    True abundance comes from living a soul-aligned, purpose-filled life and this module explores your truth and purpose. Delivered over 6 daily videos, you’ll be able to cut the chains of limitations, seek alignment and level up.

  • Module 9: Spirituality

    Ready to meet the power within? These 6 daily video training sessions take you deeper into your soul, so you can look in the mirror of spirituality, seek meaning and find a daily source of ceremony.

  • Module 10: Contribution

    Connect to something bigger than you by contributing to the earth and using your purpose to Activate Abundance for the greater good.

  • Module 11: Final Video

    Congratulations! You’ve experienced a fully-immersive activation of your personal abundance.

Unleash the power of prosperity in your life with Regan and JuanPa's Activating Abundance 52-Day Online program. Seize this transformative opportunity now to redefine your destiny, elevate your mindset and manifest lasting abundance.


Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is a true thought leader in her industry and is a Certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics and Success Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Energetic Coach, International Speaker and Mindset Coach and the CEO and founder of multiple business units, as well as SoulBeat. Regan is also a published, best-selling author of multiple books. 

Through her programs, courses, and mentoring, Regan has impacted hundreds of thousands of people, encouraging them to ‘listen to their gut’, to pursue their passions and to step into lives of fulfilment and abundance.

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa)

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational leader, global speaker, energy master and life coach, he is the founder of SoulBeat, JuanPa Global and the Conscious Living School. 

With a career spanning over 30 years of learning and teaching, JuanPa’s long-standing research into existentialism and healing modalities has led him to be qualified in a diverse range of disciplines, including but not limited to: Quantum Physics, Kinesiology, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Soul Mindset, Holistic Medicine, Tantra, Toltec Philosophy, Qi Gong, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki Mastery, Sound Healing and Energy Matrix. 

Specialising in leadership and spiritual enlightenment, JuanPa encourages people of all ages and walks of life to know and understand their gifts, embody their true spirits and harness the true power of their beings.

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What if I am working through the Activating Abundance Online Program and there are some concepts that I still don't understand?

Our SoulBeat Team are standing by to be of assistance should you have any queries.

Is it possible to work through Activating Abundance at my own pace? What if I need more time?

The minute you have access, you can start the program and move through at your own pace, and repeat any sections if you are unclear before you continue.

Can I keep the course forever to refer to? Or does it expire?

Yes! Once you have completed your payment transaction, The Activating Abundance program is yours to keep and to refer back to and re-play as often as you like, to refresh your daily practices.