Welcome to the LumiVitae Movement: Ignite Your Life with the Magic of Liquid Light!

Are you primed for an incredible journey that combines groundbreaking scientific insight with ancient spiritual wisdom?

You’ve arrived.

Welcome to the LumiVitae family.

Here’s how you get started on your journey of sharing your magical Liquid Light Technology and changing the planet, one sip of water at a time.

STEP 1: Unlock Your Liquid Light Power

  • Request the link from the person who shared LumiVitae with you and order your technology
  • Navigate your temporary back office for easy access.
  • Understand the current shipping timelines

STEP 2: Become a LumiVitae Luminary — Sign Up as an Affiliate!

How to Sign up:

  • Ask your sponsor for their unique network link and register yourself

How to Login (After you sign up):

STEP 3: Share the Light — With Your Affiliate Link

How to Send Product Link:

  • 1. From the Dashboard, navigate to the top toolbar and select “Links & Assets.” From there, click on“Product Links.”

  • 2. Click“Get Link”

  • 3. Copy Link and send to your customer

  • It’s important to point out that on the dashboard, there exists an affiliate link, which is initially set as the default Product Link. However, this link can be customised to direct to any specific product or the network link, which serves the purpose of enrolling new affiliates.

    Additionally, it’s crucial to clarify that when a customer makes a purchase of a bottle, it does not automatically enroll them as an affiliate. Instead, you must send them the network link provided below for the affiliate sign-up process to commence.

How to Refer An Affiliate:

  • 1. From the dashboard, navigate to the top toolbar and click “Network”

  • 2. Copy the Network Link and send you your customer to sign them up as an affiliate

How to Check Genealogy:

  • 1. From the Dashboard navigate to the top toolbar and click the“Network tab”

  • 2. Navigate to the bottom of the page where you’ll find the Affiliate Tree widget. Adjacent to your name, you’ll notice a (+) symbol that, when clicked, will unveil your genealogy tree.

  • 3. To view the affiliates directly enrolled by your directly sponsored team members, simply click the (+) symbol positioned next to their names.

How to Check Commissions:

  • 1. On the homepage Dashboard, the top widget shows total commissions, commissions that have been approved, and commissions that are pending.

  • 2. To access the commission information, begin by navigating to the top toolbar from the dashboard and select the ‘Commissions’ tab. Within this section, you’ll have the ability to view both direct commissions and network commissions by examining the ‘Tracking By’ row.

  • 3. To access commissions generated by members within your network, referred to as individuals sponsored by your personally enrolled affiliates (excluding those directly sponsored by you), simply click on the ‘Network’ tab. Here, you’ll gain insights into your overall network commissions and discern the specific levels from which these commissions originate.

    For instance:

    • Your direct sponsorships are designated as ‘Level 1,’ and this is where you receive a direct commission.
    • When your directly enrolled members (level 1) make product sales, you receive a percentage of their direct commission, which is displayed within the “Level 1 Network Commissions” section.
    • Additionally, commissions arising from the sales made by your 2nd generation (members enrolled by your direct enrollees) are detailed under the “Level 2 Network Commissions” category.

     (Refer to the visual illustration above for further clarity.)

How to Change Password/Email:

  • 1. From the Dashboard, navigate to the top right hand corner and click the Icon and click “Profile”

  • 2. Navigate to the “Sign-In Method Tab” and click Change Email or Reset Password

STEP 5: Empower Your Mind — Get Liquid Light Savvy

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Your Shareable Toolkit: Videos, Images, and More!

CLICK HERE to access social media assets, videos, template posts, images, pitch decks and much more!

As we journey together in this transformative endeavour, remember that we are more than just a community—we are a collective force for planetary change. By linking arms, we’re not only elevating our own lives but also making a lasting impact on the world. Here’s to co-creating a brighter, more harmonious future for all!