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Field Expansion Ceremony

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Recorded live at the Imola Institute, Costa Rica, this powerful ceremony assists to clear and purify your field to become a crystalline embodiment of your highest soul desires. Expand your mind with this Field Expansion Ceremony to allow you to manifest your visions instantly, and up level your performance and focus your mind and get ready to unleash your true inner power.

Field Expansion Ceremony

Say “YES!” to step into full expansion from within…and unleash your inner power.

Struggling with releasing old patterns, fears and vibrations?

Wanting to connect with divine light beings and become a crystalline embodiment of your highest soul’s desires?

Craving guidance and support to open up a celestial vortex to update the geometries within your field to sync and recalibrate?

Join Regan and JuanPa as they open up a powerful vortex allowing you to access your soul’s desires with greater ease, grace and flow.

The Field Expansion Ceremony was recorded at the Imola Institute, Costa Rica and is a ceremony to assist you in cleansing and purifying your field, allowing you to access the gifts from solar and cosmic activity that will come through this powerful vortex, in order for you to become a crystalline embodiment of your highest soul desires.

This potent Field Expansion Ceremony experience will expand your mind to allow you to manifest your visions instantly, and up level your performance and focus your mind and get ready to unleash your true inner power.

The Field Expansion Ceremony will initiate useful contact with divine light beings who are looking to come through to you to guide you through this human experience. Allowing us all to stand in greater service to humanity.

Join with Regan and JuanPa as they embrace and immerse you in a journey of full awakening and expansion of your inner genius, and your capacity to embody your full potential in every way possible.

You will be guided through Breath Flow, Energetic Architecture, Quantum Flow and many other potent tools in order for you to tap into the personal and planetary updates that are available at this time. 

This Field Expansion Ceremony replay is available to download and keep, to be able to view it as often as you choose, to recalibrate and revive your practices.

The perfect “Keep forever” companion to refresh, recalibrate and rise, whenever you feel the need. Secure your copy today

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Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is a true thought leader in her industry and is a Certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics and Success Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Energetic Coach, International Speaker and Mindset Coach and the CEO and founder of multiple business units, as well as SoulBeat. Regan is also a published, best-selling author of multiple books. 

Through her programs, courses, and mentoring, Regan has impacted hundreds of thousands of people, encouraging them to ‘listen to their gut’, to pursue their passions and to step into lives of fulfilment and abundance.

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa)

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational leader, global speaker, energy master and life coach, he is the founder of SoulBeat, JuanPa Global and the Conscious Living School. 

With a career spanning over 30 years of learning and teaching, JuanPa’s long-standing research into existentialism and healing modalities has led him to be qualified in a diverse range of disciplines, including but not limited to: Quantum Physics, Kinesiology, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Soul Mindset, Holistic Medicine, Tantra, Toltec Philosophy, Qi Gong, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki Mastery, Sound Healing and Energy Matrix. 

Specialising in leadership and spiritual enlightenment, JuanPa encourages people of all ages and walks of life to know and understand their gifts, embody their true spirits and harness the true power of their beings.

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The Field Expansion Ceremony is ideal to have with you and to travel with to access whenever you feel the need to upgrade and purify. A must have companion in your spiritual toolbox.


Does this Field Expansion Ceremony need to be engaged with at critical or auspicious astrological times?

No, this ceremony can be played and replayed at any time that you need the clarity to upgrade and embody your highest desires. Keep it as a trusted companion.